Day 2 – CyberCamp 2016

Welcome back! Day two was full of just as many great activities and brain teasers for the campers. Starting off the day, Mike Muscatell the information security manager at Snyder’s-Lance provided a presentation cyber security. After Mr. Muscatell was finished, the campers were introduced to “the scenario.” This scenario is a weeklong effort in attempt to show the campers what a real-life scenario could look life, give insight into the mind of a criminal, and show how these situations could be handled. In this beginning part, the campers were introduced to the characters, and were shown the initial situation, and the immediate actions that were taken by the IT department. Up next was the presentation from the FBI. Agents talked to campers about both the chain of custody, as well as what must happen in the recording of crucial evidence. Following this presentation was the LockFALE presentation, where the students learned about physical security measures. The LockFALE presenters also went over physical lockpicking, and taught the students how to responsibly pick locks. Following this was our lunch break, once again in the microsoft cafeteria. Next Ryan Hausknecht, information security analyst, gave a presentation on modern trojan horses. This malware is an emerging infection, and can be very deadly in both the right hands, and the wrong hands. After this presentation, the campers were reintroduced to the scenario. The story continued, and the campers were questioned about what has happened so far. After this, the FBI have a presentation on Cellbrite, a tool used by forensics to analyze and collect images of compatible phones. This can then be used as evidence, and provide willing information in court to receive a conviction. Without a doubt, it was a great day, and tomorrow will be even better!